Fire ant killer walmart

Fire ant killer walmart

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Broadcast Treatment: For imported and native fire ants and harvester ants, use 1.5 lb/acre or 3 oz/ 5,000 sq ft. Broadcast bait uniformly with ground (graular spreaders) or aerial equipment. For big-headed ants and argentine ants use 1-2 lb/acre or 2-4 oz/5,000 sq ft. Broadcast bait uiformly with ground (granular spreaders) or aerial equipment.

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May 30, 2020 · Extinguish Fire Plus Ant Bait comes in the smaller sizes and in the larger economy size. One bag of Extinguish Plus 25 lbs treats up to 16.6 Acres.It contains both an IGR and a insecticide (slow acting stomach poison) to both stop the reproduction of the ants and kill the current worker ants. California Proposition 65 WARNING You hold the power.Spectracide Fire Ant Shield Mound Destroyer Granules is a deep-reaching formula for use directly on fire ant mounds. Made with our exclusive Accelerator II technology to speed the release of the active ingredient into the mound, this product starts to kill in minutes. Raid Max Ant, Roach, Earwig and Crawling Insect Killer Spray, 500g. Kills on contact - 500g . ... Low prices every day on mosquito repellent & pest control at

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An Ant Cafe is a wooden box, such as a finch box, with a plastic cup inside containing 8 ounces of water with 2 tablespoons of either honey, molasses or sugar in it.

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