Gps antenna

Gps antenna

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Jun 20, 2012 · GPS & Sirius Antennas.. Car Audio, Video & Security. You can put your GPS antenna in the same location as the OEM antenna. See info about OEM GPS antenna in 2nd half of this post (#11 in my 'Subaru stock HU info' thread).

Antenna and Accessories Symmetricom recommends the use of GPS antenna system accessories with the 58540A to ensure specified performance. Symmetricom offers a complete line of low-cost, durable, easy-to-install GPS accessories. These include the 58532A GPS L1 reference antenna, and the 58538A and 58539A lightning arrestors. GM Original Equipment™ Rectangle GPS Antenna Base (20786904) by ACDelco®. Get the GM quality you know and trust with ACDelco GM Original Equipment Electronics. Stay with the parts brand your vehicle came with and get peace of mind that the fit, form, and function is up to the high standards and specifications of General Motors. ACDelco GM Original Equipment Electronics are engineered for ...

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External GPS Antenna If the piece of wire works, rather than repairing/replacing the internal antenna/GPS receiver assembly, you can purchase an external antenna for your GPS. The external antenna is magnetic and can either stick to your roof or any metal surface within your vehicle. All GPS receivers require an active antenna or an LNA so close its basically the same thing. The signal is well below the thermal noise floor (~-130 dBm GPS signal at the earths surface, -113.9 dBm noise floor for 1 MHz bandwidth) a bit of antenna gain on a patch (3dB or so) and a whole lot of CDMA processing gain can make it barely usable.

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The GPS antenna should also be placed as far away as possible from any other potential obstructions, such as roof bars or other GPS or Radio antennas. This will reduce the probability of multipath effects. On a motorbike the antenna should be placed as far from the rider as possible to reduce the satellite signal shadowing effect of the rider.

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