Landline can%27t make or receive calls

Landline can%27t make or receive calls

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Now we can't call out on it (although we can receive calls okay). We do have it on a line filter. ( I tried it with a brand new line filter as well.) I should mention that we have an old telstra phone we used for backup and its behaving the same way – can't call out but can call in.

The inability to receive inbound calls is directly related to the Phone Adapter's ability to register with our proxy server. If the Phone Adapter is not registered, the Vonage proxy server will be unable to route calls to the device. When a call is unable to reach the phone adapter, Vonage will route the call to your voicemail. The landline will only forward to one cell number, so you may get calls intended for your colleagues or team members. For a one-person operation , using star codes to forward calls can be a good idea, but as soon as you add a second staff member, even a part-timer, this approach gets complicated to handle and is insufficient for meeting your ...

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Jan 16, 2015 · Had a call at lunch today, about an hour ago. All fine. Now, try to dial out and phone will not dial, will not dial voicemail, will not receive calls from a landline. That can prevent it from draining while the system is in standby, though you also won’t be able to receive calls. When you need to make a call, plug it back in.

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Jul 16, 2008 · Hi guys looking for a bit of advice. Found out the other day that I can't make outgoing calls from my landline. Incoming calls are fine and the internet is working fine. Done a line test and it says there is nothing wrong with the line. Tried all sockets, even the main one I can't ring out of. Tried the test socket, could make calls with that. My phone has service and can make calls and make and receive text messages but periodically will not receive incoming calls (service in the area is fine). I have checked to make sure it is not in do not disturb mode and the ringer is on. If I shut the phone down and restart, it only sometimes fixes the proplem.

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